Rules for Competitive Tournament

Please click HERE for full documentation of the rules, regulations, timelines and scheduling for the competitive tournament.

Free (Recreational) Play Rules

Have you ever touched or played a table hockey game? Well, here is your chance to try out not one, but three different kinds of table hockey games at three different price points. (NOTE: “bubble” hockey is a table hockey game with the addition of a protective bubble).

If you do not want or cannot play in the tournament, but do have some time and want to play bubble or table hockey, the World Table Hockey Association (USA), will provide three different kinds of tournament quality table hockey games for you to try out and play for free the evening of Friday, April 29, from 10 AM until the evening of Saturday, April 30, as well as Sunday, May 1.

However, during the championship rounds of the playoffs, we will close free play out of respect for those in the final rounds of the playoffs. We can open up free play after the awards ceremony as time permits while packing up to close the event in the late afternoon.

For “free play,” we will provide the following products:

· (2) SuperChexx Pro “bubble” hockey games manufactured by Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE),

Clarence, New York

· (2) SoHo Classic, manufactured by SoHo Table Hockey, LLC, Manhattan, New York

· (2) Stiga Playoff Hockey, manufactured by Stiga AB, Sweden

All we ask is that you respect the games and consider a donation to the World Table Hockey Association (USA), nonprofit IRS 501(c)(3). To Make a Donation please click HERE

Tips and Tricks

As time and personnel permits Friday evening, the WTHA (USA) will provide short classes to introduce you to each game, offer tips and tricks, and answer questions.

Festival Special Pricing

Leading up to, during and shortly thereafter, these games will be offered for sale at prices lower than you can get anywhere else during the year or until there is another WTHA event.